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Day 1 - Monday 2nd September 2019
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Day 2 - Tuesday 3rd September 2019






Plenary – Manfred Kluppel


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Constitutive Modelling of Elastomers

Wear and Abrasion

Filler Reinforcement – Carbon

Smart and Responsive Elastomers


to 12-30

- Michael Johlitz

Challenges in Material Modelling and Testing of Elastomers


- Davide De Focatiis

A simple physically-inspired n-chain model for the elastic deformation of elastomers exhibiting anisotropic Mullins softening


- William Mars

Incremental critical plane analysis for cyclic stiffness loss under displacement control and force control


- Felipe Tempel Stumpf

An Improved Constitutive Model for Anisotropic Elastomers


- Mike Smith

Micromechanical and phenomenological models for hollow thermoplastic syntactic foams

- Paul Sotta

Simulating low-severity wear of rubber tyre materials in the lab


- Maedeh Faghiri

Parameters Affecting Tread Wear of Tractor Tires


- Raimund Jaeger

A wear tester for fatigue-induced wear on small elastomer specimens


- Radek Stocek

Chip and Cut Behaviour of Tyre Tread Material - Theory and Implementation of a Unique Lab. Test 

- Thomas Greaves

The benefits of plasma functionalisation on improving the properties of recovered carbon black (rCB), graphene and other carbon-based nanomaterials in rubber compounds


- Lewis Tunnicliffe

Carbon black reinforcement of rubber for anti-vibration applications


- Daniela Sordi

CarbonX: A Revolutionary New Carbon, Opening up a new world of design opportunities


- Alexander Khasin

Effect of single wall carbon nanotubes on the mechanical and electrical properties of SBR mixture compounds

 - Sun-Mou Lai

Effect of carbon nanotube on the shape memory behavior of NR/beeswax/CNT nanocomposites


- Leihao Chen

Changes in optical transmission of a soft membrane using a dielectric elastomer actuator


- Kok Chong Yong

Electrostrictive Properties of Epoxidised Natural Rubber-Polyaniline Dodecylbenzenesulfonate [ENR-PAni.DBSA] Blends: Effects of PAni.DBSA Loading


                                                                     Lunch & Expo


Ageing Mechanisms

Fatigue Testing and Modelling


Magneto Rheological Elastomers

13-50 to 15-30

- Ulrich Giese

Thermal Oxiative ageing in filled and unfilled rubber blends - Influence of morphology


-  Laurent Chazeau

Thermo-oxidative ageing of NR elastomers: mechanisms, consequences...and questions.


- Huan Zhang

Aging and Lifetime Research of Damping Silicone Rubber in Hot Air Environment


-  Eric Marty

Development, Qualification and Industrialization of the Air Tightening Membrane for the New Safe Confinement of Chernobyl nuclear power plant Products/applications

- Jens Meier

Relevance of Dynamic Crack Propagation for Lifetime Estimations


- Fei Xiang

Crack deviation in natural rubber during fatigue loading


-  Sofya Dedova

Characterisation of fracture and fatigue behaviour of elastomers under biaxial loading conditions based on thermal energy analysis


- Barnabas Shaw

Characterising the Cyclic Fatigue and Static Tear Resistance of HNBR Compounds

- Maurizio Galimberti

High aspect ratio nanofillers for rubber composites


-  Pilar Bernal Ortega

Combination of functionalized CNT and Carbon Black as fillers for the development of tire tread compounds


- Xuan Qin

Rational Design of Advanced Elastomer Nanocomposites Towards Extremely Energy-saving Tires Based on Macromolecular Assembly Strategy


- Vincenzina Barbera

Sustainable Fuctionalisation of sp2 Carbon Allotropes

- Bochao Wang

A three-dimensional constitutive model of magneto-sensitive rubber with amplitude, frequency and magnetic dependency under finite strain


- Nik Intan Nik Ismail

Anisotropic Natural Rubber based Magnetorheological Elastomer with Enhanced Damping Properties


- Mert Goksuzoglu

EPDM Based Isotropic Magnetorheological Elastomer Composites Consisting of Carbon Black and Micron Sized Iron Oxide Particles


                                                                  Coffee & Posters


High Temperature Applications

Friction and Erosion


Rubber Adhesion

16-00 to 17-40

-     Peter Abraham

New Generation HT-ACM Technology for Highly Demanding Automotive Hose Applications


-  Varun Thakur

NORDEL(TM) EPDM Developments to Respond to Extremely High Heat Resistance Requirements in Under The Hood Applications


-  Patricia Panne

New Vamac® (AEM) Ethylene Acrylate Polymer Developments

- Matthias Wangenheim

SoftSlide technology: controlling rubber friction by surface texturing


- Andrej Lang

General studies of hysteresis and adhesion friction using tire tread compounds on rough surfaces


- Donghun Han

Physical Properties and Slip Resistance of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber Compounds Containing Liquid Rubber


-  Wichain Chailad

Characterising and understanding erosion of rubber lining materials by hard particle slurries


- Mikihito Takenaka

Scattering studies on hierarchical structures in rubber/filler systems under deformation


-  Juan Lopez Valentin

Advanced time-domain RMN experiments in rubber science and technology: overview and novel applications


- Shotaro Nishitsuji

The change on the filler dispersion in SBR/silica under uniaxial elongation by in-situ ultra small x-ray scattering


- Xiangxu Li

Study on Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Reinforced with Hybrids of Chitosan-PVA gel and Bamboo Charcoal/Silica

-  Chris Stevens

Reactivity Assessment of Dried Adhesive


- Guillaume Carré

New Advances in Rubber-to-Substrate Bonding Adhesives Respond to Market Need


- Viktoria  Ziemann

rubber-metal-bonding for downhole applications – investigation of critical parameters


- Hongying Zhao

The Influence of Moisture on the Mechanical Properties of Rubberized Textile Cords







Day 3 - Wednesday 4th September 2019






Plenary – Judit Puskas


Poster Pitches


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


Filler Reinforcement – Characterisation


Microstructural Modelling

Curing Technologies

09-15 to 10-05

- Toshio Nishi

Progress of Nano-to Mega Technology of Rubber Materials


-  David Brown

Enhancement of compound performance using a novel continuous production technology


-  Yukino Miyagi-Inoue

In vitro natural rubber biosynthesis by various prenyltransferases introduced onto rubber particles from Hevea brasiliensis


- Maria Kolesnikova-Allen

Towards sustainable high quality natural rubber supply: DNA-based clonal identity confirmation of Hevea brasiliensis planting materials

-  Keizo Akutagawa

Cooling phenomenon of rubber network under deformation at pure shear mode


- Yoshimasa Yamamoto

Entropic and Energetic Elasticity of Natural Rubber with Nanomatrix Structure

- Christoph Goegelein

Network structure of sulfur-cured rubbers with low and high unsaturation (IIR & EPDM vs. NR & BR)


- Mehdi Razzaghi-Kashani

Rheological and Vulcanization Behavior of Hybrid-Filler Rubber Compounds


Coffee & Posters

10-35 to  12-40

- Hiroto Murakami

Synthesis and Physical Properties of Polyrotaxane-containing Polyurethane Elastomers


- Andrew Sambrook

Benefits of Neuburg Siliceous Earth in Peroxide Cured FKM & Silicone Rubber


- B Kothandaraman

Effect of functionalised silicone and polyisobutylene on processing properties and vulcanisate properties of silica filled  SBR compounds


- Sven Wiessner

Piezoresistivity - A Novel and Powerful Tool to Monitor the Behavior of Filler Networks in Rubber



-  Luca Giannini

The Challenges of Sustainable Development in Tyre Materials


- Rabindra Mukhopadhyay

Green Economy - Challenges and Opportunities for Automotive & Tyre Industries


- Fabian Grunert

How to meet the future requirements of the automotive industry?


- Ashoke Karmokar

A potential tire recycling technology portfolio towards circular economy


- Tim Clayfield

A Materials-Science Driven Approach to Tyre Recycling


-  Reinhard Hentschke

Dynamic moduli of elastomer nano-composites via analytical and molecular modelling


- Woomin Kyoung

Mechanical Properties Prediction of Natural Rubber using Molecular Dynamics Simulation


- Norman Gundlach

Filler flocculation in elastomer blends - an approach based on measured surface tensions and monte carlo simulation


- Didier Long

Effect of Filler Morphology and Distribution State on the linear and Nonlinear Mechanical Behaviour of Nanofilled Elastomers : a Quantitative and Predictive Model


- Guanyi Hou

Tuning the structures and properties of advanced polymer nanocomposites via molecular dynamics simulation

- Yuko Ikeda

New Insights into Vulcanization Mechanism


- Sakrit Hait

Exploring the role of nitrile rubber fragments as an accelerator’s activator in sulphur vulcanisation system


- Martin Traintinger

Considerations on Curing Kinetics and Part Quality of Industrially Manufactured Styrene-Butadiene Rubber with Respect to Batch Variations


- Luciane Klafke de Azeredo

Influence of Various Peroxide Types and Their Concentrations on The Activation Energy Analyzed Using Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Kinetics of EPDM Based Rubber Compounds


- Jungmin Jin

Key factors influencing marching modulus in silica-silane compounds


Lunch & Expo




Additive Manufacturing of Elastomers


13-50 to 15-30

- Chong Sun

Filler Distribution in NR/NBR Blends and Its Potential Application


- Ken Nakajima

Viscoelastic heterogeneity of rubbery materials investigated by nanorheological AFM


- Ming Tian

Studying the interphase of elastomer nanocomposites by using  quantitative nanomechanical mapping mode of AFM


- Eijun Ueda

Dynamic moduli mapping for filled SBR vulcanizate by nanorheological AFM


- Carmine Capacchione

Toward more sustainable elastomers: stereoregular polymerization and copolymerization of natural linear terpenes


- Zhao Wang



- Sunisa Suchat

Performance of new green approach to engineered biobased epoxies with epoxidized natural rubber and nanofiller essential to UAV propeller applications


-  Runguo Wang

Design and preparation of functionalized bio-based elastomer from itaconic acid


- Yayoi Akahori

Effect of proteins on the mechanical properties of natural rubber 

- Michael Levandoski

Light cure silicone 3d printing by sla/dlp, materials and techniques


- Sarah Karmel

Visible light 3D printing of elastomeric materials


- Matt Jones

Increasing Part Complexity and Performance of Elastomers using Additive Manufacturing


- Khai D Q Nguyen

Cross-linking silicone elastomer via thiol-ene chemistry: ultra-fast curing, hydrogel bonding and 3D printing

- Dariusz Bieliński

Advanced solutions in rubber chemistry, engineering and exploitation


- Weidong Wu

Predispersion treatment of nano-active ZnO and its application performance


-  Roberto Scotti

Nanosized and single site zinc based activator onto silica for reducing ZnO in rubber vulcanization process


- Yuzhu Xiong

Promoted vulcanization and enhanced mechanical properties of natural rubber composites with ZnO@SiO2 hybrid


Coffee & Posters



Self-Healing and Ionic Elastomer



16-00 to 17-40

- John Dick

Comparison of states of Mix Using the New ASTM Payne Effect Method vs. the Dispersion Method


- Seiichi Kawahara

Effect of bound rubber on mechanical properties of natural rubber with inorganic nanomatrix structure


- Guralp Ozkoc

A comparison of new generation lab-scale twin-screw micro-compounders with conventional rubber compounding devices


- Koji Okamoto

Influence of mastication on microstructure and physical properties of rubber


-  Javier Alejandro Araujo Morera

Development of sustainable and self-healing SBR composites


- James Boden

Understanding the self-healing ability of Epoxidised Natural Rubber


- Vincent Coveney

Elastomer self-healing and performance


- Pilar Posadas

Novel strategy of reinforcement based on the incorporation of ionic elastomers in the tire treads compounds

- Jane Clarke

3D printing elastomers with latex ink


- Egbert Klaassen

ACEO® 3D printing with silicones for the global rubber market


Fire Retardancy

- Marina Fernando

The Use of Three-Level Definitive Screening Designs in the Optimisation of a Fire Retardant Modified Natural Rubber Compound for Technical Rubber Products; Natural FR”.


- Ben Edgell

Achieving the balance between flame retardancy, processability and material physical strength for Marine, Aerospace and Rail industries

- Dana Stripe

Utilizing Peroxide Blends in HNBR – Impact of Cure Rate and Aged Properties


- Alfredo Defrancisci

Luperox® F-AIR-B2 ™ Organic Peroxide New AIR PEROXIDE™ System for Crosslinking EPDM in Hot Air


- Brittany Laing

Effect of co-agents on the adhesion between peroxide cured EPDM and thermoplastics in two-component injection moulding


- Thomas Hutterer

Multivariate statistical process monitoring in rubber injection molding by employing principal component analysis





Conference Dinner

Day 4 - Thursday 5th September 2019











Filler Reinforcement – Silica

Sustainable Filler Reinforcement

Polymer Characterisation

Dynamic Behaviour

08-35 to


-  Barbara Di Credico

From Research to Market: A New Family of Silica Fillers


- Anke Blume

How does the Chemical Structure of the Silane Modified Silica Surface look like?


- Kannika Sahakaro

Silica-Reinforced SBR/NR Tire Tread Compounds: Aspect of Molecular Characteristics of SBR and Blend Ratio on the Properties


- Siti Sarkawi

Reinforcement of Deprotenised Natural Rubber by Nano-Silica: Effect of Different Type of Coupling Agents  

- Ivan Hudec

Biopolymers as a filler in rubber blends


- Robert Bradley

Carbon Black Recovered from used Vehicle Tyres used a Elastomer Reinforcement - Black Carbons that are Green


- Arqam Anjum

Influence of pyrolysis process temperature on recovered carbon black in-rubber performance


- Balan Ramani

Effects of process temperature on pyrolytic products recovered from scrap tires

- Kay Saalwaechter

Quantitative characterization of crosslinking and chain dynamics in rubbers by low-resolution NMR


- Thomas Rauschmann

Existing and Advanced Rheological Measurements on Polymers and Rubber Compounds


- Akshay Karekar

Ageing effects on the distribution of crosslink densities in elastomer blends as studied by solid-state 1H NMR


- Michele Scacchi

Different techniques to detect long chain branching in polymers by non-linear viscoelastic characterization


- Takatsugu Tanaka

Introducing sacrificial bonds to rubber vulcanizes for enhancing physical properties

- Mike Roland


- Judith Picken

Effect of Epoxidation on the Dynamic Properties of Natural Rubber


- Sriharish Malebennur Nagaraja

Quantification of Filler Network Contributions to Dissipation in Various Rubber Nanoparticle Composites.


- Syed Imran Hussain  Syed Javaid Iqbal

High frequency DMA of filled compounds in a forced vibration resonant system





Coffee & Posters



Sustainable Vulcanisation and Devulcanisation

Elastomer Sealing

Engineering Applications

10-45 to


- Michael  York

Cluster Morphology of Silica and Silanization, Part I: Molecular Dynamic Simulations


- Jorge Lacayo-Pineda

Cluster Morphology of Silica and Silanization, Part II: Experimental Evaluation


- Arpan Datta Sarma

Properties of silica-filled rubber compounds vs. vegetable oil content and extent of epoxidation


- Jungmin Jin

The relation between macro- and micro-dispersion of silica in a rubber matrix

- Dogu Kaya

Combined Devulcanization Strategy for End-of-Life Tyres


- Erick Sharp

Evaluation of reclaimed rubber compounds


- Sanjay Pal

Exploring Novel Green Routes of Cross-Linking of Elastomers


-  Chandrasekaran Pillai

Coal powder and devulcanized tire rubber in off-the-road tire formulation


- Julien Ramier

Elastomer Composites Development for Oil and Gas Applications


- Maha Zaghdoudi

Overview of ongoing long-term ageing investigations on elastomer seals


- Travis Hohenberger

Numerical Leak Prediction of Elastomeric Seals


- Yevgen Gorash

Assessment of leak tightness of swellable packers using multiphysics formulation in COMSOL and considering FSI and hyperelasticity coupled with swelling

- Vivian (Paraskevi) Christogianni

Characterisation of highly filled 1-RTV silicone elastomer putties - Sugru mouldable glues


- Dae-Un Sung

Evaluation and Characterization of Squeak Noise of Natural Rubber


- Takashi Utsu

The influence of the tire on wireless power transfer from road to electric vehicles



Resolving interphase structure at the nanoscale in polymeric cord - rubber composites


Lunch & Expo


Innovative Filler Reinforcement

Crystalisation Phenomena

Innovative Polymers and Polymer Additives


13-45 to


- Nasim Amiralian

Dry Compounded Rubber Materials Reinforced With Cellulose Nanofibres


- Sahbi Aloui

Simultaneous dynamic-mechanical and dielectric investigations on rubber products


- Ján Kruželák

Rubber composites with the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation


- Marie Mangavel

Innovative reinforcement systems for EPDM


- Arup Saha Deuri

Nano cellulose for tire application

- Katsuhiko Tsunoda

Novel method to evaluate threshold conditions for Strain Induced Crystallisation enhanced strength in NR


- Claudia Marano

Effect of softening on bound rubber and strain induced crystallisation in filled rubber compounds


- Mario Beiner

Biomimetic synthetic rubber vs. natural rubber – strain induced crystallization and abrasion resistance


- Xi Zhang

Our Recent Researches on Strain Induced Crystallization of Natural Rubber and Epoxidized Natural Rubber


- Minna Poikelispää

Natural rubber - phase-change material composites for heat storage applications

- Abdullah Gunaydin

First synthesis of styrene-butadiene random copolymers via solution RAFT polymerization


- Andrew Mittermiller

Hydrin (ECO) for Vibration and Acoustic Damping


- Md Mahbubur Rahman

Influence of modified renewable oils on the fracture mechanics behaviour of SBR polymers


- Volker Boerger

New plasticizer products for increased service life of resin cured rubber articles


- Stefan Wolter

Modeling and Application of Hydraulic Damping for Rubber-To-Metal Mounts and Bushings


- Jean-Louis Poisson

In-House design and preliminary results of a testing machine for rubber laminated bearings


- Şebnem Özüpek,

Effect of Compressibility on Finite Element Analysis of Seismic Isolation Bearings


- Eugenia Biral

Durability prediction for anisotropic polymers with application in prosthetic heart valves


- Mengjie Dong

Study on thermal conductivity, flowing property and volume shrinkage of medical gutta-percha point


-  Eijun Ueda

Dynamic moduli mapping for filled SBR vulcanizate by nanorheological AFM


Coffee/Awards and Closing Ceremony