The IRC2019 technical committee welcomes the submission of paper abstracts that discuss innovations in elastomers related to:

Products from a wide range of applications including:

  • Tyre
  • On road and off road vehicles including the novel challenges of electrical drive systems
  • Aerospace, rail, marine & defence
  • Mining, mineral extraction, oil and gas
  • Biomedical and healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Sport, leisure and consumer product
  • Energy generation including nuclear
  • Other novel emerging applications

Material developments including:

  • Polymers with a focus on novel or speciality elastomers, elastomers for extreme conditions, thermoplastic elastomers, functionalised elastomers, self-healing elastomers and elastomer foams and gels.
  • Fillers and additives including nanoscale or functionalised fillers

Material processing including:

  • Additive manufacture
  • Cure chemistry and kinetics

Sustainability including:

  • Bio-derived materials & materials recycling
  • REACH & health and safety

Modelling including:

  • Constitutive modelling of the materials and product design
  • Process modelling and optimisation
  • Systems design

Characterisation and testing of materials and products including:

  • Thermal and viscoelastic behaviour
  • Failure mechanisms including ageing, fatigue and chemical degradation
  • Lifetime prediction

Smart materials including:

  • Sensing and actuation
  • Electro active polymers
  • Soft robotics
  • Intelligent traceability in products