We hope to welcome you to the International Rubber Conference in 2019 (IRC 2019) in London, the most connected city in the world with unparalleled cultural offerings, including three of the world’s top five museums.

IRC2019 will be hosted at the Kia Oval, which is home to Surrey County Cricket Club and is one of the oldest sporting stadiums in the world. It is a regular cricket test match venue and located in the heart of the city. Hosting this event in 2019 is a perfect year to celebrate both the 150th anniversary of the IOM3 (the host organisation) and the 200th anniversary of the work of Thomas Hancock on his pioneering pickling machine for the mastication of rubber. The technology themes for our conference put aside these historical aspects by looking forwards to the emerging new Innovations in Elastomers Materials and Products.

The UK hosted a highly successful RubberCon in 2014 themed on Advanced Engineering and Materials Developments. IRC2019 will build on the success of that event providing an excellent opportunity to explore further exciting innovations that have arisen in our industry.

The IOM3 is honoured to organise IRC 2019 on behalf of IRCO which is the international organisation of rubber associations who plan the calendar of event for all of the IRC and RubberCon conferences. We would like to thank PRIM for organising IRC 2018 in Malaysia and hope to maintain the high standards they achieved.

The upcoming IRC 2019 will provide an excellent platform for rubber scientists, technologists, academics and industrialists to share knowledge. We expect at least 200 papers and posters to be presented covering keys topics themed around engineering application of elastomers, polymer innovations, process and manufacturing advancements, filler and additives developments, with additional themes on sustainability, material characterisation and modelling. The event will also host an extensive range of training programmes allied to the rubber industry, a large exhibition and taster events provided for local schools. We hope that all the delegates will enjoy the conference dinner which will be held at the conference venue overlooking the cricket pitch.

We look forward to welcoming you at IRC 2019 which we anticipate will be the largest rubber conference in the UK this century.

 James Busfield  Bill Mortel

Prof James Busfield
Head of Materials Division, Queen Mary University of London

Co-chair of IRC 2019

Mr Bill Mortel
Head of Materials, Trelleborg AVS

Co-chair of IRC 2019