Dr Keizo Akutagawa Bridgestone Corporation Japan
Mr Martyn Bennett ARTIS UK 
Mr Alan Bickley Weir Group Plc UK 
Prof Anke Blume University of Twente The Netherlands 
Dr Noël Brunetière Poitiers University France 
Prof James Busfield Queen Mary University of London UK 
Mr Guillaume Carré Lord Corporation France
Mr Michael Clayton Derby Rubber Products Pty Ltd Australia 
Dr Stuart Cook TARRC UK 
Dr Marc Couty Michelin France
Mr Philippe Dabo Elastopôle France 
Dr Davide De Focatiis University of Nottingham UK 
Dr Luca Giannini Pirelli Tyre Italy 
Prof Ulrich Giese Deutsches Institute fur Kautschuktechnologie Germany 
Prof Leif Kari KTH, Royal Institute of Technology Sweden 
Prof Manfred Klüppel Deutsches Institute fur Kautschuktechnologie Germany 
Prof Jorge Lacayo-Pineda Continental AG Germany 
Dr Amir Hashim Mohd Yatim Malaysian Rubber Board Malaysia
Mr Bill Mortel Trelleborg Industrial AVS UK 
Mr Kozaburo Nakaseko Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Ltd Japan
Dr Khai Nguyen FormFormForm Ltd (Sugru) UK 
Mr Lars Petrén Bayer Sweden
Dr Chris Robertson Endurica USA 
Dr Paul Sotta CNRS - Solvay France 
Dr Lewis Tunnicliffe Birla Carbon USA 

Dr Keizo Akutagawa, Chief Researcher, Bridgestone Corporation

Keizo Akutagawa joined Bridgestone Corporation in 1988. He carried out his Ph.D. study on rubber mechanics at the London University, Queen Mary and Westfield College, from 1992 to 1995. Currently he engages in R & D of rubber material physic and informatics, promotes collaboration between industry, academia and government, and also speaks at academic conferences and symposiums both in Japan and abroad. He is a board member of the society of rubber science and technology in Japan, Editor-in-chief of the society journal, IRCO Japan representative, associate member of the IoM3 and a part-time lecturer of “Tokyo Institute of Technology” and “Nagaoka Institute of Science and Technology”.

Martyn Bennett BSc. (hons) FIMMM, ChiefScientist ARTIS at the Materials Consultancy, Avon Rubber Plc

Martyn Bennett has worked in Elastomer R & D for 29 years through Avon Rubber. He formed and ran the Global R & D group in 1998 and formed ARTIS in 2007. Martyn sits on Industrial Advisory groups for Queen Mary and Loughborough Universities, is a member of the Polymer Society Board & the Rubber in Engineering Group of the IOM3 and is also a director of the BRPPA. His background and main interests are around processing and rheology of rubber materials and one of his key fields at the moment is recycling of rubber products. To this end he formed the ARTIS Sustainable Materials Group in 2016 focussed on the specification and use of recovered carbon, where ARTIS leads the way in the technical understanding of this material and Chairs the ASTM D36 committee on recovered materials. ARTIS is also a proud sponsor of the IRC 2019 and Martyn is part of the technical and organising committees.

Alan Bickley BSc MA CEnd FIMechE FIMMM, Director, Weir Advanced Research Centre

Alan Bickley has worked in industrial R&D and general management in the rubber and plastics industries in the UK, Malta, Japan and in North America for over 40 years. He is a member of the Rubber in Engineering Group and sits on the North Sea committee of the Association of Wellhead Equipment Manufacturers.

Prof. Dr Anke Blume, Head of the Chair "Elastomer Technology and Engineering", University of Twente

Anke Blume studied chemistry at the University of Hanover / Germany from October 1988 until July 1993. In the last year of her study, she came in the first contact with rubber during her master thesis. Consequently, she carried out her PhD thesis at the “German Institute for Rubber Technology” (DIK) which she finished mid of November 1995. After nine months post-doc time at the DIK, Anke started in September 1996 as a member of the product development group silica in the Applied Technology department of Degussa AG. She worked there in different positions, always related to the development of silica and silane for the use in rubber. Degussa changed several times the name, currently it is “Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH”. Since August 2011, Anke has the position as an “IP Manager silica and silane for rubber applications”. In October 2013, she reduced her working time at Evonik and started at the University of Twente as the head of the chair “Elastomer Technology and Engineering” (ETE).

Dr Noël Brunetière, Director of Research, CNRS

Noël Brunetière is Director of Research at CNRS and has worked on tribology of sealing systems at the University of Poitiers since 2003.

Professor James Busfield MA PhD CEng FIMMM FHEA, Professor of Materials at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London

James Busfield is Chair of the Materials Division at QMUL and has run the Soft Matter Group there since 1994. He is the Chairman of the Rubber in Engineering Group of the IOM3 and is the co-chairman of IRC2019. His research examines the physical behaviour of soft matter such as elastomers. Properties of interest include abrasion, friction, fracture, creep, fatigue, viscoelastic behaviour, modulus enhancement and composite filler reinforcement. He also works with smart soft materials that can sense their environment and soft actuating materials that can change their shape in response to a physical stimulus.

Guillaume Carré, Manager, Application Engineering (EMEA), LORD Corporation

Guillaume Carré has more than 20 years of experience in rubber-to-substrate bonding agent industry, starting in product formulation, production scale-up and technical support. He is currently leading the EMEA Application Engineering team at LORD Corporation. Guillaume holds a chemical engineer degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et Physique de Bordeaux (France) and a post-graduate degree in physical chemistry of surfaces & colloidal systems from the University of Technology of Compiègne (France).

Michael Clayton BE(Chem) FAPRI, General Manager, Derby Rubber

Michael Clayton has been the Chairman of the Australasian Plastics & Rubber Institute (APRI) for the past 8 years. He has represented Australia in the International Rubber Conference Organisation over the past 10 years. Michael has over 20 years of industrial polymer, rubber technology and manufacturing experience. He is the General Manager of Derby Rubber, an advanced industrial rubber manufacturer based in Sydney. Michael is particularly interested in product design, compound development, Industry 4.0 applications in advanced manufacturing, IIoT and improving manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies.

Dr Stuart Cook, Director of Research, Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC)

Stuart Cook has responsibility for TARRC’s R&D and consultancy activities. These activities cover R&D in materials and engineering product design, industry assistance and in market development. Stuart joined TARRC (formerly MRPRA) in 1987 having gained a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of East Anglia in the UK. His main areas of research expertise are in the chemical modification of rubbery materials, speciality rubber blends including TPEs and in the improved understanding of rubber - filler interaction for the development of improved elastomeric materials and products. Stuart has had more than 50 papers, patents and other articles published and presented papers at a many international conference venues.

Dr. Marc Couty, Executive Fellow, Michelin

Marc Couty joined Michelin in 1998 and has been appointed expert in materials physics in 2013. Marc is leading research on nanocomposite materials in several fields such as materials structure characterization experiments, multi-scale simulation methods and theory of polymer dynamics.  

Phillipe Dabo, President, AFICEP

Phillipe Dabo is currently the President of AFICEP, the association of executives and engineers of the rubber profession in France. He has held a number of positions in the field of Elastomers in France, project manager within the Elastopole Elastomer competitiveness cluster, director of the LRCCP rubber laboratory, director of IFOCA, the Elastomers training centre in France and head of materials department in two large industrial groups Hutchinson and DRAFTEX Industries.

Dr Davide De Focatiis MA MEng DPhil CSci MIMMM, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham

Davide De Focatiis is an engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge, and obtained his DPhil (PhD) from the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford in 2003. After working as a research assistant on polymer mechanics in Oxford he was appointed as a lecturer, and later as Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham in 2009 where he heads the Polymer Laboratory. He has an interest in constitutive modelling and mechanical testing of rubber, and his laboratory houses several unique facilities for multiaxial testing of elastomers. Davide has been a committee member of the Rubber in Engineering Group of the IOM3 for almost 10 years.

Dr Luca Giannini, Materials Advanced Research Manager, Pirelli Tyre SpA

Luca Giannini, after graduating at the University of Pavia, got his PhD in Chemistry from University of Lausanne and moved then to Industry. Luca is co-author of more than 26 patents, 30 scientific papers and one book chapter. He joined Pirelli Tyre SpA in 2003, working on Nanocomposites and on new tyre products leveraging innovative materials and processes, such as Self Sealing. Luca is currently responsible for Pirelli’s Research activities on new Nanofillers, Renewable materials and Innovative Polymers and the corresponding Development activities performed with selected industrial partners.

Professor Dr Ulrich Giese, Managing Director, German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK e.V.) and Professor, Leibniz University of Hannover

Ulrich Giese received his PhD in analytical chemistry in 1988 and was appointed to Professor of the Leibniz University of Hannover in 2010. He started in 1989 working in rubber research and chemistry at the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK e.V.). Currently he is Managing Director of the DIK e. V. and of the new founded “DIK Testing Laboratory”. Furthermore Prof. Dr. U. Giese developed the DIK activities in teaching and education over the years.  Since 2010 Ulrich Giese is a distinguished professor at the Leibniz University of Hannover and member of the faculty of natural science, where he is responsible for “Applicated Polymer Chemistry”. Ulrich has demonstrated scientific and technical competence by significant and interesting contributions to the rubber industry, especially in his research subjects aging, nanocomposites, vulcanization, environmental aspects in rubber industry (recycling, vulcanization fumes, emissions) and elastomer analyses.

Professor Dr Manfred Klüppel, Head of Department Material Concepts and Modeling, German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK) and Professor of Polymer Materials, Leibniz-University Hannover.

Manfred Klüppel received his Diploma in Physics in 1982 and his Ph.D. in theoretical Physics in 1987 from the Phillips University Marburg/Lahn. He has been working on elastomer physics and rubber technology since 1989. His research interests include polymers based functional materials, reinforcement mechanisms of elastomers by active fillers, polymer dynamics and rheology, interfacial phenomena in polymer composites and blends, soft matter contact mechanics and rubber friction. So far, he has published more than 200 scientific papers, 2 books and 7 book chapters.

Professor Dr Jorge Lacayo-Pineda, Head of Expert Field for Materials Evaluation at Continental Tires

Jorge Lacayo-Pineda has held different executive positions in the Materials Labs of Continental since 1998. He is Honorary Professor at the Leibniz University of Hanover and Guest Professor at the Qingdao University of Science & Technology. Jorge is Chairman of Sub-Committee D11.20 Rubber Compounding Materials & Processes of ASTM International, member of the US Delegation to ISO TC 45 – Rubber & Rubber Products, and Convener of the ISO Working Group TC45/SC2/WG5 Chemical Tests of Rubber.

Dr Amir Hashim, Deputy Director General for Research and Innovation, Malaysia Rubber Board (MRB)

Amir Hashimserves in many rubber related committees and is actively involed in the policy making and strategies for Malaysia rubber industry. He is a fellow of the Academy Science of Malaysia (ASM), due to his contribution in the science and technology in the rubber industry.

Professor Leif Kari, Vice President, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Leif Kari is professor of Engineering Acoustics at the Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and received a PhD from the same university. He has 30 years' research experience in constitutive modelling, smart materials, active, semi-active and passive vibration damping and isolation. Since April 1 he is Vice President for KTH with a special responsibility for education.

Bill Mortel FIMMM, Head of Materials, Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions and Director, BRPPA (British Rubber and Polyurethane Products Association)

Bill has 48 years’ service with the same company under the ownership of Dunlop, BTR, Invensys and now Trelleborg. Specialised in Product Design and Application of rubber to metal bonded suspension and anti-vibration products, which has resulted in travel worldwide. Still searching for the ability to accurately product predict service life. Mortel has been Director of BRPPA for 12 years and a member of the Rubber in Engineering Group within IOM3 for 25 years. Represented UK at IRCO for the last 6 years, and chaired Rubbercon 2014 in Manchester.

Kozaburo Nakaseko, Senior Executive Officer, Sumitomo Rubber Industries

Kozaburo Nakaseko graduated Mechanical Engineering Master of Course at Kobe University in 1978 and joined Sumitomo Rubber Industries. He became Senior Executive Officer and General Manager of R&D in 2010, Senior Executive R&D Advisor in 2017 and also served as the President of The Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan in 2015.



Dr. Khai Duong Quang Nguyen PhD MRSC, Materials Formulation Scientist, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and FormFormForm Ltd

Khai Nguyen did his MSc at the University of Sheffield in 2010 on the topic of self-healing composites with Dr. Simon Hayes before working for a leading company in the world in making Cadmium-free quantum dots in Manchester, where he later became the leader of its resins/films team. He then started his PhD in 2013 in the group of Dr. Julien Gautrot at QMUL working with different cross-linking chemistries of silicone-based materials with applications towards consumer products and biomedical field. His research interest remains among polymer chemistry, polymer composites, 3D printing, silicone-based materials and devices, and recently organs-on-chip applications. He also finds interested in soft actuating materials and light activated silicone coating bearing functional properties such as conductive.

Lars Petrén, Account and Key Account Manager, Arlanxeo

Lars Petrén has worked as a so called GCR (global component responsible) at Volvo truck. He was responsible for all choices of polymers in engine and transmission compartment. The Volvo group includes Volvo, Renault, Datsun diesel and Mack truck at the time. In 2007 Lars had the position for 7 years and chose to leave technical development to marketing of elastomers. He is now working both on commercial and technical development for Arlanxeo. He is also the chairman of the Swedish rubber association.

Dr Chris Robertson, Sales Director and Materials Expert, Endurica LLC

Chris Robertson holds the role of Sales Director and Materials Expert at Endurica LLC, which is focused on elastomer durability software and testing solutions. His background includes 17 years of R&D experience as a materials engineer and technical manager in the tire, synthetic rubber, and plastics industries. Chris is the co-inventor of 32 patents / patents pending, co-author of 55 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and he serves as associate editor of the journal Rubber Chemistry and Technology.

Dr Paul Sotta, CNRS Senior Researcher, LPMA

Paul Sotta is CNRS senior researcher at LPMA, a CNRS/Solvay joint research unit located in Lyon, France. Paul is a polymer physicist who investigates physical mechanisms underlying the behavior of polymers, elastomers and filler-reinforced elastomers, including ultimate performances such as crack and abrasion resistance.

Dr Lewis Tunnicliffe Ph.D., Product Development Scientist, Birla Carbon

Lewis Tunnicliffe holds masters and PhD degrees in materials science (rubber physics) from Queen Mary University of London (UK). Dr Tunnicliffe is currently a Lead Scientist for rubber product development at Birla Carbon. His research interests include elasticity and viscoelasticity, particle reinforcement and fatigue of rubber.