For Presenting Authors Only

Oral Presentation

Please see below a template for your paper:

Paper Template

We would prefer that all oral and poster authors should submit a written paper. However, as an alternative, we do need an annotated PDF version of your powerpoint. The annotations should emphasise the points that each page of the presentation is making.

Please upload you presentation as a pdf to the following link by Sunday 30 June 2019.

Upload IRC 2019 Paper

Your PowerPoint for your presentation needs to be uploaded to the below link by Friday 16 August 2019. Please note that we will NOT be accepting PowerPoint presentations on the day. This is due to virus concerns. Therefore, you MUST submit your PowerPoint before the conference. Your presentation will be 20 minutes long with a Q & A of 5 minutes.

Upload IRC 2019 PowerPoint Presentation - Oral Presenters Only

Poster Presentation

For the poster presentations, you will need to provide A1 printed posters for the conference in portrait format.

We have 50 spots for poster presenters to give one minute pitches. When you are going through the registration process you will be asked if you wish to pitch your poster, if you do we shall need a one PowerPoint slide by Thursday 1 August 2019. Further information on how to send this will be sent to you in due course.

The purpose of the poster pitch presentation is to give you a fun and engaging way to introduce your work. Please see below for some pointers on this format:

  • There will be two poster pitch presentation sessions with approx. 25 presenters in each session.
  • Your pitch (oral) presentation should take no longer than 60 seconds and be presented along with one PowerPoint slide (sized 16:9 without animation)
  • We will adhere to the 60 second time limit and will have arranged for your slide to end after this time

Upload IRC 2019 PowerPoint Presentation - Poster Presenters Only